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Not done yet! Still need to trim,finish the hood in back and front, and put on the eyelids.

This is turning out, like, super awesome, man. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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Jesus the “elsa has sex for the first time” post fucking blew up again yesterday.

The fuck happened

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If you don;t think that Superhero Squad is the best Marvel Sat. Morning cartoon there is

Then that’s okay! I understand. I think you’re missing out though!

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mono-tori replied to your post “How come so many Dead Rising fans love Dylan from DR3 but hate Kent…”

It could also be because Ken’t 2nd Day challenge is a bitch to complete, which makes us hate him. (To his fans’ fortune, he is still tiers below Otis)

It’s really not particularly heinous compared to Leon or Dylan’s boss fights, and I say that as a person who likes Dylan.

His day 2 challenge? What? There is absolutely nothing hard about that. Hell, get that picture once and you can use it in every playthrough ever.

Also, Dylan? Prettier then Kent? Pretty at ALL? Really?

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Our cat Spaghetti had been throwing up after every meal for around 24 hours. We took him to the vet only to discover that rather than having a minor issue like an inflamed stomach, he actually has a serious congenital problem that could kill him.

His lower intestine has wrapped around the sack containing his heart and gotten stuck there, causing him severe irritation. He’s had this since birth, but it’s taken us two years to discover it because we’ve never had him x-rayed before.

The surgical costs for getting this corrected were beyond our price range, but thanks to our friends, family, and fans we were able to raise the money to perform the surgery in less than TWO hours. It was a miracle. I’ll never forget it.

Sadly we still need to cover the cost for diagnosing Spaghetti with this problem, as well as the costs for hospitalizing and treating him overnight. This is a much smaller amount, but it will still be a huge dent in our bank account unless we can raise it via our GoFundMe.

If you can spare anything, please do donate at the Save Our Spaghetti GoFundMe page, as it will go towards giving Spaghetti the long and full life he deserves.

I’m praying he’ll make it through surgery okay. He’s one of the nicest pets I’ve ever had. He made me fall in love with cats, and I used to be adamant that I did not care for them. But he wakes me up every morning and talks to me while I’m working and even now I miss having him in my lap to snuggle with.

Thank you.


Thank you to everyone who showed their support by reblogging or donating.

I’m happy to report that Spaghetti managed to get his surgery and he’s currently recovering in the medical center.

Because of your kind donations, we were able to afford to fix his condition and make it so he can live a long, healthy life. I’ll be posting video updates and photos of him when he gets home.

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Captain America Confirmed.

Course there was never really any doubt in my mind that he’d show up. Still, I’m surprised that any news of DI2 would be out already, I expected another six months or so to pass by.

If there is not an Iron Man figure I will be pissed.

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