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And I'm not even high

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Hey asshole

Drunk, probably gonna regrt this in the morning. or thank god that i wrote it next week

hey, cute guy at the bar who i thought was my friend

you want me to back off fine

your not interested in me then fuckin fine.

you dont wanna be at least FRIENDS anymore then MOTHA FUCKING FINE

at least have the balls to fucking say it to my face. cuz this whole ignoring me thing your doing, thats the fucking cowards way out. 


and this is from a guy halfway in the closet

so enjoy your stay on my shit list, little boy

cuz i’m into fucking MEN.

and i hope you read this cuz otherwise i’ma gonna go on stage next week and say this in front of everybody. lord knows thats the only way youll ever listen.

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Collecting Gossip won't help with the matter at hand
You're Right, Richard.

I finally found a way to rip and convert the audio files from deadly premonition. The voice acting is my faaaaavorite, so I’m working on that.

There’s a shit ton of them though. Converting it all will take a while. And you better be damn sure I’m gonna make them all public. 


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